Florida Daily Life: Plumbing woes and the husband’s serious recovery.

We have plumbing woes at our house.  What does this mean? 

It maybe paradise outside but not inside.  Palm trees wave at our mess.

My diabetic hub  has finally seriously recovered from his toe amputation surgery.  He lived and is now and has been walking.  He is finally ready to go back to driving.

But we have plumbing woes and problems in our house.  The vanity in our main bathroom is falling apart,  the toilet wiggles and leaks and other things you the tourist do not wish to hear from me the J downer person set to wreck your out in the perfect hotel vacation.

And we have a tub in our Master that also leaks and doesn’t work either.

But the main bath and a dishwasher that doesn’t work is also a big headache, along with a failing fridge and a stove that no longer works.

We will have to replace everything after the plumbing is fixed.  We are surviving with bottled water.

We will need to renovate everything.

If I were to do a thought for the day to get through a series of  renovation thoughts for the day.

How would you all  put it?   I am still thinking about it ….

I need to do a query for that one.