Even though this is a Daily life in Florida travel blog, I’m going to talk about how not to do Lent.


OCD and Anorexia is not about Lent.  But there are some people,  a minority,  who think it is high time we took up THEIR LIFESTYLE OF CONTROL  AND MENTAL ILLNESS. 

I know this is a  “daily life in Florida  Travel blog  or a staycation for Florida residents or would be Florida residents, ”  but how not to do Lent is a big issue for me. 

I didn’t get to Ash Wednesday because our car has a sick battery and we chose to keep our car in running condition.  And no  Pharisee gave us a ride.    You all were not there. 

It didn’t happen.   Today we got up late because we moved our friend back in until she gets back on her feet.  I  have known her for over 37 years and we have the space. 

That was our Lenten project as a couple:  keeping someone from being homeless.  So between that and  my job and work and  our couple life,  we have been busy. 

It has been better than a Catholic Pharisee’s hairshirt and bed of nails.

Got that?