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Florida Daily Life Series:  a “Dead fridge Tale”. We are now awaiting delivery of the good used one this morning after paying $200 bucks. 

It happened last year. I started to notice water on the floor.  The fridge was crying from the ice maker which started to work then not work. That was after the air-conditioning died and was stolen from our backyard in the dead of a hot 90° summer when there are noooo snowbirds whining about what they do. 

Then the icemaker died. I mean it was starting to leak. OK,  so I said to myself. There was no money in the budget for a new fridge. I’m not putting anything on a credit card.  That’s $1000 at least that I can spend on something else, not a new fridge. That’s what I said. 

Then the actual fridge section of a double door fridge started to die. The thermometer read 50°F. I know from my food training and working out of the Florida state food inspection office that is not good.  So, we put everything in the freezer. Hey, that still worked . But space was tight. It got old. 

My point is this: Florida daily life is not paradise on the inside. Things break and there’s always an “insight “to see why things happen the way they do.  

Getting real: I give any over holy religious person five minutes to hold their faith in my house. You won’t last.  I would make more money in this bet than a poker game with trick cards.  Yeah, I’ll give Mrs. hallelujah perfect maybe 30 seconds in my house before she notices things are not like her house , perfect. This is why many of them are divorced.  

I have endured, I win. 

Next on my list is a new dishwasher and a semi new stove. A new stove? Yeah, a new stove! The last one died doing the electric emergency that well, we’re going to that another time.  

Got that? Enjoy the pics below to get the “idea”. 


I have lived here in the Tampa Bay area for over 40 years. I am a native of New York. The purpose of this blog is to show what it is like to live here. This is Florida’s Daily life. Paradise has “moments” too. This blog attempts to reflect my Catholic Christian faith with balance and sunshine and a crack at holy humor. I have a real sense of humor. It is hot here. I sweat.