#FloridaDailyLife recapping this week:   An overdue retreat,a job solo item , and other messy desk things and rain here last Friday March….

Here’s my messy desk. I haven’t been in my study done since last Monday and even then I didn’t want to go in it.  

I’m off today on a Friday. Finally, I’m off to sit in my office and clean it. I have the doors closed but they still don’t knock. Interruptions interruptions. Period.

It has been a very long week after my women’s Emmaus retreat in Tampa that someone surprised me with. I didn’t want to go on the retreat because I was too busy. But it’s the season of Lent and I thought why not , and two nights away? Yeah, two nights away! I had not been away in three years!  It has been three long years since I have been away from this house! 

After we had the fridge delivered and it got the Fridge last week , I was jumping up-and-down.  I was not jumping up and down with the emergency fridge place: $$200! . We still have to get a used stove next week and another used dishwasher.  Those are the last two items in a house to repair that my father-in-law gave us after his death in 2013. Well, maybe we need a new air conditioning as well. Someone stole that about a year and a half ago. Or, at least get the one that we no longer have working fixed.  

Stress. Stress. More stress. Faith. My faith. And more stress.  And more faith.  What else was I going to do?!  Faith and knowing that we are not incompetent to deal with this. 

But readers, it’s finally coming to an end soon!  I don’t know. But I hope it is.  

Just now as I’m dictating this on my iPhone my husband walks in. Hey, I tell the truth here. I don’t write things or dictate things as they should be I read them as they are. I like  the writing rule of show me don’t tell me. That means that I have to write down what is happening or, what is being said. Well,  most conversations around here or not written down you can imagine how we can get into it about what works what doesn’t work and money after his diabetic surgery and illness.

And now, just now I accidentally hit the post button and displayed published. What else was I going to do? This plug is not perfect and I don’t like going on and on about faith and positive or non-positive stuff. But you have to deal with it somehow! 

So what happened? What happened, you ask. 

I didn’t want to go on this retreat or get away. It was one of those super Catholic weekends that I didn’t want to go on because they always say the same thing platitudes and things that well I don’t feel like they understand what I went through. But the only good thing about it is that I got away for three days and I was able to relax finally away from the usual back-and-forth of what works and what doesn’t work in this house. Also, there is “The honey where is this or honey I got to do that so I’ll tell you…” 

I know I’m rambling. 

I live in a two County area that is the metropolitan food Tampa St. Petersburg Clearwater area. When I went on this retreat it was a two day getaway that someone just sponsored me for. Nice. I’m not complaining. But now I’m indentured. Yes, indentured . I’m a slave back to pay for this weekend but I just went on that was almost near luxurious. 

Do you like good stories? Yes I know you do. About a year ago one of my spiritual friends a.k.a. a Franciscan Friar passed away died. I told myself screw it, forget it, I am not going to do any super Catholic things for one solid year and a day. I don’t know what you believe in God or whatever you believe but that’s what happened. Exactly what year and one day later I and up doing and being on a retreat team. Something or someone or some force after I said I would like to help to pay for that when I just was given, has something force me to be one of those speakers on the next weekend. And, to make matters even more interesting, it’s in the dead heat of July.  It will be all for the residents and no snowbirds. 

Why am I doing this? I feel like I was asking questions about the very topic that I’m not supposed to talk about because they own it and, well I’ll get to that later it was about prayer. 

On a sidenote, if we don’t have a new air-conditioning by then I won’t have any trouble getting our housemate my friend who gas moved back in with us if you weeks ago to go with me. She wouldn’t have air-conditioning either except to go on this retreat. I will have to leave my husband in the hot house with the air conditioning with the dog. But I’m sure we’ll have air-conditioning by then.  

I was both hesitant and willing to do this because I like to pay for myself and, I just wanted to be thankful and give something back or pay it forward. 

I hope this doesn’t lead me to going on a retreat circuit or being a speaker going around the country because I’m not open to that like a lot of people do here who have blogs for faith or whatever. I like to concentrate more on writing then I do all that face stuff because I am more practical and well, that just doesn’t click with me I’m not one of those holier than yous. 

Alfie vs. the A neighborhood dog while I’m out section ….

When I got back from my meeting to do the next weekend last night, . It seems that a neighborhood dog attacked mine. While no the particulars here of what really happened to our little boy was shaken up pretty bad. My hubby said it happened while he was on a walk in a section of the neighborhood.  I came home to my dog shaking he doesn’t do that. This dog is like our son or a member of the family. He is a full-blooded Beagle with an attitude but he never  backed down when he’s attacked.  But my husband says he was not provoked and he did not provoke the attack. 

So now I have a talk to Wright. No, I have an office to clean up. And I also have to pass a state test for my teacher certification and to add an area.  My husband finally completely goes back to work next week. I can’t wait.  

And it’s raining in Fla all day today. I like that  because I get more work done because I don’t look outside to admire where I live. 

Still, I thought it was very funny how it was a year and a day that I ended up helping the people who helped me get out of my “I haven’t been away in three years quotation marks” phase.  I really haven’t been away except for two vacations that we really weren’t vacations one was a night away we went to a Florida spring last summer and the other is when we went to visit a friend down in West Palm Beach after my father-in-law died and after probate court and 2014.  I don’t do retreat circuits and I don’t generally as a general rule do speaking engagements because well I’m not interested. I stay away from perfectionism and spiritual life because there is none , just an attempt to be that way. 

So maybe I got healed of frustration with those people . But that’s another topic in another blog entry. 

Got that?