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A  test of whether you are positive or negative

Now that you’ve been through that ordeal  of trying to answer the correct answer for this question,  I have some things to say for you.  

If you see this as half empty, then you have your own work to do while you’re so pessimistic.  Is it a personality problem?  Set a serious spiritual problem where you look at things and always want to tell everybody what’s wrong with them or that? 

Here’s another question that’s Fla related.  If I put a fish bucket of water in front of you and filled half empty or half full how would you look at the ocean half empty or half full ?  Next question: when you order fish during your vacation here in Florida , what is yuck common response? Is the fish the first half cooked or not cooked right or are you the tourist that complains?  How much of a witness are you? How much of a witness are you not?  

On a partly cloudy day do you see a raincloud when No rainclouds are there?  

This is my point.

Take a look at my green pool that is due to have chlorine, a whole lot of chlorine put it on Monday morning.  

Next question: do you see the blessing of a pool or do you see it in a negative way that why in the world don’t you have chlorine in it already?   If you ask you why not Chlorine already, then you are extremely negative person that needs to have their head examined.  It’s not exactly that hot here so we are not swimming just yet.  

We will be there in about two weeks.  We have been putting minimal amount of chemicals in our pool so we don’t get cited by code enforcement. Why dump water or chemicals in water when you don’t use the pool?  Save as much money as possible!  

My answer? I see the blessing of living in Florida and having a pool!  

Take a real look people how do you think about things. If you’re always going in as a Snowbird or visit or two at Florida church or at Fla house of worship to dictate to them how we the residents should run things, then you need to take a look how you see a glass of water that is half empty or in your point of  view always half empty and not half  full. 

Here is a further point if you expect the best out of people and tell them that something is to be found and available when they when they search out there, then they will find it.  People are not stupid you think  may think they are but they are not. 

And I address this to the Catholic people I go to I go to church with every single Sunday and to those Catholic people up north. You have the same resources as all the priests and all the seminarians and all the leaders of the church search find and read.  You just have to know where to find it and what is good and what is the rubric or measuring stick to know if it is good.  

 I love the Florida sky. Take a look at this palm tree and the blue Florida sky on a clear day.  This palm tree is in my backyard to my pool.  Yet,  here’s the test.  

Do you see the  sky half full of palm tree or half empty of palm tree against the sky?  

 Look at the half full or half empty glass, again. Is it half full or half empty?  

Pray or change or think about this folks.  

Half full glasses are blessings are all around us. Walking into our church, I hear a lot of visitors and Taurus from up north saying nasty things of what our church does not have and what they have and they’re so good at up north. That’s all I hear and see right now in my spiritual life and in my community are people who point fingers and act like dog ass hypocrites when they need to take care of their own lives.

Where is it the most ?  This is most evident in prolife and antiabortion stuff.  

In the pro life ministries in this area is where I’m finding a lot of negativity.  

These people what they do when I walk in need to be filmed for the hypocrisy and what they’re saying or not saying to me when I am in the same room as they a re. 

They are very condescending and patronizing and not helpful. 

More. Later 



I have lived here in the Tampa Bay area for over 40 years. I am a native of New York. The purpose of this blog is to show what it is like to live here and not vacation . This is Florida’s Daily life. Paradise has “moments” too. This blog attempts to reflect my Catholic Christian faith with balance and sunshine and a crack at holy humor. I have a real sense of humor. It is hot here .