My Saturday morning Florida daily life series. More serious thoughts to share after a busy week and retreat.  

Take a look at the poster above the sentence.  

This is what April is like in Florida. It is the start of sweat season. That’s when it’s hot . Truth comes and melts reality in the Florida heat. 

So it is April 1. One day and one year after dear Franciscan friend died. But what is that to you all?  

Ever lose a friend who is good?And then a year later it makes you think about the year after you lost that friend?  Above is a file photo of the funeral from last year in the final moments. 

Well, here I am April 1 one year later.  Overall I wasn’t very comfortable with sharing this but I 

think it would help people. But it’s Lent , and almost Passover and time to get out of my comfort zone. I can hear you all now. ” What does Passover have to do with it?”  I have a legal adopted great grandfather who was Jewish, and I have deep respect for them no matter what,it is the season for both.    

After a busy week and dealing with and teaching a science lesson at a field trip center where I work,  I took yesterday off to gather my brain and my strength. The week just took it out of me. Ever have one of those? 

They talked me into helping on the next retreat. I left myself open to it for positive sake would ever bring. And as we say here, I am going to have some deep ditch thoughts about prayer. That is the assigned topic. OK, I’m not supposed to say what topic of supposed to say on the retreat. 

But my only thoughts are what it is not.  Is not what everybody thinks it is.  I believe in serious creativity. I believe this part of your person because you’re at participate in it. Even a standard set you have to say what you have to say things like mass or the Catholic mass you’re sitting in the back and you participate in it. 

Clones and robots are not standard  items. That’s empty. That’s bland. 

Even if you didn’t believe in God, I would think that your thoughts are there. Another words, it’s out there, it’s there it’s present.  Even if you don’t think prayer is possible you sit down and you are present to the truth what is going on. 
My thoughts on the church are as follows: not everyone is a loon. I take people on the individual level before I take them on the whole. 

What I just said took a long time to get there.  I have been angry at them for very long time. 

I am very serious about this topic. I’m also philosophically very clear about that what is, is just what it is. If something is there, it is there.  And in science, if we are a part of everything in the universe, then we’re doing something deep possible that we could be open-minded just to be open-minded? 

In other words, isn’t it better to be open-minded did to say that something is not there?  You have a lot of darkness in and in space! 

I wish  sometimes I could talk to everyone about my adventures when I was seven and with my adopted dad, Jerry.  Oh, how I wish!  Yes, that’s what I’m writing about. 

Why in the world did I mention that? Because of this: for any adventure or before anything that you have gone through you didn’t know it was there before you got there. 

Maybe I shouldn’t have told everyone. But what the hell?! They’re not your adventures, they’re mine.  There are facts involved in your adventure   and scientific principles yes, I believe that. But I’m also serious serve a lever in perspective perception to understand those facts. You can only put so much in a beaker or a container.

So, that’s why the last 13 years before yesterday meant a lot. I had a very good friend who is a Franciscan Friar who is very nice and made me think. The best part was open and me to think about the possibilities of creation and how there is someone who loves us dearly.  

I don’t really like being honest or too honest here, but I had to say this. Maybe it’s just time to be honest with everyone here. It’s also a very good thing to be yourself when you think about prayer as a concept.  

And for me, where is just being yourself sitting there getting ready to meditate but it goes beyond meditation. 

Even if you believe , it is a conversation with yourself it is still bigger than that conversation.  I’ve learned that hopelessness and circumstances may dance with each other but eventually the music stops and the dance stops and things evolve beyond the hopelessness . There is nothing and the nothing doesn’t always have to be hopeless there are stars and there is light and the empty in the empty you’re stuck with yourself and that could be positive. 

  In short: it doesn’t last forever. Drama does end. Things to get so upset about eventually come to an end. 

Wisdom does evolve. I don’t care what side of the faith line you are, but that does come eventually. And putting people in a box doesn’t work either.  

Not letting people be creative to do something that is not creative, is not a good thing.  Putting a uniform standard on everything, you are going to lose. Know what? This is where love is lost. 

Now to make sense of all this for your creative side of your brain to work with your non-creative side of your brain , so to fill in between the lines that I have spoken. Please fill these lines with life. In other words, you’re going to have a lot of chewing to do after what I said here.  This is a lot of material to think abou here. 

Here’s the bottom line: The concept an actual act of love and being loving and love itself fills in a lot of lines. Here’s a further bottom bottom line: no one is perfect. I could seriously write in fact or fiction based on fact book about what happens when someone teaches somebody something.  

There is something I wish all my readers wouldn’t do. I hope that no one here is superficial. Even with all the political stuff going on in the bantering back-and-forth, I think people are very good. And Frank in World War II wrote that. This is why I kind of celebrate Passover and Easter. My adopted family background has taught me to take it for the whole. 

And  now I’m going on. I really go on. I’m gonna do a lot more local volunteer work possibly, with the Girl Scouts. And I’m also going to go on and do this retreat weekend.  

I have to seriously think about what prayer really is and is not. 

I’m bringing the analytical me, I’m going to head to the dictionary. Then I’m going to head for the catechism. Then I’m probably going to head for some kind a Jewish thing. They do have a lot of wisdom my great grandpa had a lot of wisdom. I have fond memories of him dancing in the mid 60s with his cane in a corner chair in my grandfather’s living room. He was probably had a beat  to that wisdom. I think that involved food in between. 

And I’m not going to over analyze this I’m just going to say what is good and what is bad. 

I think I’ve written a lot about what the bad ass. Over the top people have ruined a lot of things that is good for people. They need to be put somewhere else other than viewpoint.  

Prayer to and for me goes beyond hopelessness because it stating what it is. 

It is not something that you just say from a book because someone else wrote it. To me, that’s the hardest one  to say because it’s someone else’s prayer and not yours. We writers are so expressive. 

Maybe to me, the truest prayer has no words. When you sit down you close your eyes take a breath it is something that is. Period. 

And after 13 years under the possible tutelage of this Franciscan friend, I have learned that what is is just what it is. Period. 

You could write volumes about prayer. That’s fine and good for expressing what it is but when you sit down and just take a breath and sit around and be really understanding of what is going on within you around you say I do underneath you through you and all the molecules of creation, then you finally get with prayer is —it’s being your self with your higher power. I don’t even know if you have to believe in a higher power the facts are there you just said down and it is what it is. You’re aware of what is going on around you and that you’re loved. It’s being aware without words that there is something bigger than yourself around you and you’re not the center of the universe.  You’re in your universe and your part of it but you’re an important dot in the whole. 

Got that?  I’m not apologizing for the long one today.