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Florida daily life: call this telemarketer back at (419) 210-3897Mount Gilead, OH and do this routine 

Hey ,  everyone likes to call Fla because I think we all have money and they think OG, let’s just call and say who’s gullible and be a scammer.

Sorry folks,  I call you back and I’m twice is annoying as the next guy and I get on your nerves because if you want to do not call list like half of Florida is, it’s time to get even. 

I’m not interested  in your get rich  quick scheme . I’m not interested in any of them. I said it: Forget it. 

So, I call you back. Now everyone else should call you back as well I do this: 

  1. Call this number back. (419) 210-3897  Mount Gilead, OH
  2. Yell for 1 to 2 to 25 minutes solid on the phone I want a rush of people to yell on The phone. 
  3. You are ordered by those who do not want to be scammed to be very annoying!!  
  4. Why have manners?! This scanner made time with his stupid stinking where life bottom feeder telemarketer calls!  He put it wasted your time on your phone and you had to pay for it!!! 
  5. Call him & be annoying. Make his effort a giant fail. 

Do you not have manners with these type of people. You need to call them back and said that you want to do not be on their call list and you do not wish to be called I am LK telemarketer and marketing network marketing is a scam!!! 

I do the spot for fun and I do not do this as a business. There are too many scammers out there where you go around calling for the residents calling people who live in Florida even part time and I need to be stopped. Call this number and be annoying!!! 

Got that?? 


I have lived here in the Tampa Bay area for over 40 years. I am a native of New York. The purpose of this blog is to show what it is like to live here and not vacation . This is Florida’s Daily life. Paradise has “moments” too. This blog attempts to reflect my Catholic Christian faith with balance and sunshine and a crack at holy humor. I have a real sense of humor. It is hot here .