Good Friday….  (Tha

Today is Good Friday I want you to remember that Jesus did not just die on the cross to take our sin upon Him but to take ALL of our suffering and pain, today let Him put a crown upon your head let Him take all of your pain and accept His sacrifice. e said “I came to set the captives free” today be done with trying to do this yourself. When we choose Jesus we choose LIFE. Life is HARD but His promise is “I’m never going to leave you I’m never going to forsake you!” He also says “I’m enough I will give you everything you need to walk the journey I’ve set before you” if we receive this then His promise is fulfilled. Your not alone you are a child of the King. He’s been saying from the day He hung on the cross let me love you, let me lead you, let me fulfill you. He said “I came to set the captives free” let Him save you from this captivity. I too am accepting this today and I hope this encourages you and brings you comfort as it did me. Tell Him Jesus I receive this today and I want you to teach me your way I pray for openness of heart and clarity of mind and I give you all that I am.