Daily Florida Life Update: on that young family I tried to help last week, & other stuff…

Here’s the update on the young family who was expecting…..

They say they are pro-life but they are not.  I called Ave Maria Law School in Collier County, Florida which is located in Southwest Florida, land of bragging that they are  so”Pro-life”.  I made  many many calls to so called pro-life outlets. 


UH,  one lady Lawyer in La Belle Florida nearby did get back with me.  Her name is T . Peck, a \Criminal Lawyer.  I think she got back to me because I used to live there in the mid 80s. .  Nice gal.  She doesn’t advertise as “pro-life” fraud.  She was somewhat and better helpful than the rest of those frauds.  


My Career….

It is the end of the school year and I have moved on and am getting ready for my next adventure.  I may or may not share about this later.  School here ends Memorial Day.