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I am going to name names this time.  I am furious.  I am going to write what is true and because they did it.  It happened in Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties in the Diocese of St Petersburg. 

See the above pictures? 

It could have been a serious accident. This tire blowout happened last week.  It cost me over  $100 when the Tire Choice people and Mr. Steve had to special order the tire. 

Some people not all need to have serious compassion and well, this time some people here do not. 

Deep breath here.  I am tired  of even thinking about all or any of this.  I have to tell the truth of what has happened and how I was bullied and coerced and pounced on by a group of ladies on a Retreat Team for the next weekend. 

This was very unchristian behavior. 

Some background here.  I was talked into making a Women’s  retreat weekend this past Lent.  I wrote about it.  The entire weekend is a mini Cursillo cloned weekend.  I should have known better in all my 40 plus years of trying to have a personal spiritual life outside of what other people in church and outside tell me to have.  The weekend program is just like the Cursillo weekend minus one day.  It is exactly like it. 

So secretive are they about this Miami authored St. Louis in South Miami authored weekend that they go to great cult expense to get pissed off to anyone who calls them on the carpet for their secrets that is supposed to be the answer to all and be all to get God to be in your life. 

Sorry but I didn’t buy it.   They are so secretive and gnostical about what is in the weekend like it some serious surprise and have this attitude that they are the big answer.

I went back in March, the last weekend in March because it had been forever since I had been away for some inside quiet and meditation.  I should have stuck to my original plan of a day away in Orlando by myself with Scripture and spiritual reading at the Basilica of Our Lady Queen of the Universe Shrine.  No bother of anyone else and no politics of who is trying to run things.  

Being creative, I am the kind of person who never will do anything like any orthodox Catholic would be happy with — even though I go to Mass and attempt to go to confession every month.  In other words,  I do the regular with a bit extra and a twist to it and don’t care or  rely on whether or not someone in the church screwed up.  But when they do screw up and it involves me,  I usually say something when I am ticked off. .

I am ticked off this time.   But I have a right to tell the truth about it all.  I am going to name names because if you did it, YOU SHOULD OWN IT.  This makes the TRump pile of caca look almost nice.

So I got involved in this retreat program after someone anonymously sponsored me and paid for my weekend.  I felt obligated to help.  You would too.  I thought it was nice to help. 

Sure we will take your help,  Ms. Wood the women’s leader said. That was almost two months ago.  So I did try to help.  I showed up every Thursday at the Vicar General’s parish in Clearwater.  I live two towns away from there.

 (I told you I am naming names this time because well, if you did it,  you should get the adulation and glory of screwing up in the Holy glory that you did it with. Ms.  Wood is not the only one . Another one, Ms. Lambert, the mother of one of our minor Seminarians is another one.  I am obliged to tell the truth to the whole freaking world.  They did it without being asked to do it. ) 

OK,  SO I SAID I COULD WRITE A TALK ON PRAYER.  I have a minor in Theology. Easy topic to research and share on.  Now, in the back of my mind,  I figured like a freelance writer ,  I could sell what I had just like a few writer priest pals I know. They give talks and sell  to publications and other media outlets.   I know a few of those guys.  If they can pay their light bills or insurance or whatever bills, than so can I. 

Ok , so I wrote the talk early way before deadline.  I was given a guide bunch of pages from the retreat book.  Initially, Ms. Wood wanted the weekend here in our Pinellas county section of the diocese.  That was a cause of merit,  until we invited another retreat team in.   They  took over and kicked me out after bullying me at an inopportune time. 

All fine and good until something happened.  That something was a tire blowout. 

Go back to the picture at the top.  This was my friend’s car that I was using until our car can get looked at  by an auto electrical specialist.  Our Sebring convertible has issues and has to be hooked up to car battery life support in our garage until this occurs.  So we are borrowing my friend’s car and chose to do errands for her.  It was during the errand run last week  that the tire blew.

So my husband and I went to about four tire places until Tire Choice in Largo said they could find the right size and then order it, so we would have to return the next day. 

It was during the wait at Bob’s Tires in Seminole that I got this strange phone call. It was Ms. Lambert, so said the caller Id on my cell Iphone that was also running low on battery power.  I also couldn’t hear her because you know how car shops are with the drills and sounds of them.

“Yes,” I said.  “Is this ??? I am busy and cannot hear you.”

“Did I get you at a bad time? O dear,” she said.

“Yes,  I said.  “I am at a tire place getting a tire fixed after a major blowout.” 

There was no “I’ll pray for you… no I’m sorry you had a blowout… ”  No typical Christian stuff that normal Christian people say. 

“Can you talk? Did I get you at work where you cannot talk?”  Hence, this lady was taking advantage of my misery of my blowout in my day like the devil or evil incarnate.   

I hope this will expose what type of women we are dealing with.  It is why many do not go to church.  I only go because I am creative and make something while I am there.  I go beyond the people because my faith in a God/higher power does not depend on the people.   It goes deeper.  

“No,” I said, while telling her that I do not want to talk right now.  “What’s this about?”

“Aren’t you a teacher?  Can you talk at work?” she said.  Mind you, this is a lady who is supposed to have manners.  I must tell the truth.

“I am off for the summer finally,” I said.  I heard a sing songy sarcastic voice. “Why are you off for the summer? Why are you not working?”

I told her that was not her business and I was done with this conversation. But she pushed even more and kept going. 

“I didn’t get to talk with you last Thursday when we all met to help you all with this retreat, ” she said.  “I am having some doubts about you being on the Team because you only just made your weekend. I am going to see about you doing something else.”  said in a song singy voice that was annoying as hell. 

Read between the said lines here:  I am more holy than you and you are a stupid neophyte and I am the one with cult secret knowledge.  You are a nobody. You don’t have a spiritual relationship like me that is so secret.  You need our group to GET GOD IN YOUR LIFE and will do what we say because you have to suck up to me, the seminarian’s mother.  

(Now mind you,  I was asked to be on the team by our local person, Ms. Wood who initiated the whole ordeal of having one of these weekends in our county with our county ladies. She asked me to do this. )    

So I hung up.  “I have got to go,” I said while rolling my eyes.  I already have the talk written, mind you.  I just need to edit it for grammar and spelling and cut some of it.  Writing talks is easy for me. 

After we got the tire and about $100 bucks later,  I called her back and told her that her whole phone call was “uncalled for.”    It was very uncalled for because even though I told her it was not not not not not not not a good time to talk,  SHE PUSHED AND PUSHED DURING ONE OF MY BAD DAYS AFTER I TOLD HER NOT TO DO SO. I WAS STILL SHAKING AFTER THE TIRE BLOWOUT.

This Ms. Lambert has no manners. 

I chided her for not offering serious support and being as rude as hell.  It was serious behavior that was not Christian. 

That night I got another phone call from Ms. Wood.  She was giving in to what she thought   was supposed to be done to get the support of these questionable ladies who need to learn some serious manners and stop being the way they are. 

Turns out she was having the same doubts. I read MY  talk to her over the phone. 

I am only telling this to you readers because I now understand  why most folks do not not not ever go to church or even believe or say they believe.  They have screwed up judging people like this. 

By the way,  I went to pay my phone at AT&T yesterday .Usual staff there .  I asked the guy just for giggles what he would have done.  Mind you, this guy is anonymous and doesn’t know who these people are.  I talked because I know them after a cool business relationship. 

“This lady,” he said.  “I would say needs manners. This is not normal behavior.” 

I thanked him for his kindness. 

Got that? 


By the way,  I got back on the phone to those ladies and told them to shove it up their backside.  I want nothing to do with them.  I’m not perfect but the way this lady acted and what happened after I told them made me look still good.

These hypocrites can shove it up their  something that begins with a and ends with s.


Another thing is that normal in Florida, but not normal elsewhere are potential clients who do not show.   Rudeness here is the normal way of life.

I had a breakfast out of it anyhow. That pecan waffle tasted good.  Turns out I did a background check on the potential client.  He on the media letter said his name was Jim but his voice mail was Brendan.  When I called the number back it was out of service.

From now on,  I charge to meet with me.

Got that too?






I have lived here in the Tampa Bay area for over 40 years. I am a native of New York. The purpose of this blog is to show what it is like to live here and not vacation . This is Florida’s Daily life. Paradise has “moments” too. This blog attempts to reflect my Catholic Christian faith with balance and sunshine and a crack at holy humor. I have a real sense of humor. It is hot here .