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Florida daily life Monday deep question marks. Can people who are not overly religious who use their brains actually pray? 

It has been a very busy but productive weekend here. Yeah, I keep asking myself a few questions as I’m reading Atwood’s book. I keep asking more questions as I’m reading the Cardinal book. I’m alternating my reading between writing, weekend chores and TV. 

Funny that you should ask . Why am I reading one religious book and what some people in fundamentalist circles would call an anti-religious book? And I can hear it even more people say why, you went to Franciscan University you should not be reading bad books! 

Warning language. Who the * are they? Again, who is the F  are they to tell me what to think and what to do?   Sorry, but I don’t fit in your Franciscan box. I have plenty of friends  alums from  Franciscan who will not fit in that box either. Who in the F give them their box?? 

For starters, at least Atwood is causing me to question things even more than I did was a teenager when I read 1984. I also read 1984 when I was in college . I took a whole class on it. I took a class on George Orwell. This book is 1984 on speed and steroids! 

These two books made me think more about tyranny of noise and and about the tyranny of fundamentalism and people’s inability to actually know where they stand on issues. For some people it’s OK not to think. For some people, it’s OK for someone else to tell them what to do. That’s holiness for them. That’s where you have the danger of fundamentalism. 

Folks, I’ve been in every single Catholic group you can think of. Retreat movement charismatic stuff — you name it– been there done that.  

But when you’re sitting in your Den where are you at? Where are you at with prescribed prayers? Where are you at with liking your favorite color that you feel and live in the moment about? Where are you at?  I don’t need someone else to tell me where I’m at!  I have nerve endings and feelings and a brain I can I could do that myself. I am no longer scrupulous  like those people. 

The sad part here is is that there needs to be balance . A lot of fundamentalist don’t know what that word means so that’s why they’re fundamentalists.  It is a form of OCD to an extreme point that injures others.    

I mean it’s important to seek knowledge it’s important to read it’s important to really understand what’s right and wrong and have a good sense of yourself.   How  are you going to pray to supreme being? What is your idea of a parrot? Because your  ideas  are your idea of authority! And your idea of authority maybe tied to your idea of a supreme being a.k.a. God the  Father.   One big question: do you gather the concept of God is a loving father and not as a thug with a baseball bat?

Most of my readers are network marketers. Why?  They add me I added them! 

 Ask yourself when you pray you don’t have to pray frim a book . Look  at what’s being said. But you can find your own words. That’s a really an expression of self. Don’t be an empty headed network marketing person.  

I secretly wish my writers and editors and literary agents would add me .I don’t think I’m a person to them.  I think we have to ask ourselves is where are we going right now with all the political things in Washington D.C.?  

I think we need to ask  ourselves inside where we’re going. Are we going to another Nixon Watergate era?  Many of you millennial’s don’t even remember that. But, most of those who do, it was something that we replaced oyr cartoons on a Saturday and a regular weekdays in my elementary school summer. They were the bad cartoons.  

Also, I’m going to put something else here that you all need to say and ask yourself this: how do you approach this prayer? Can you put this prayer in your own words?  To the very important person who gave me the spur, you know who you are, thank you. This prayer is not Jewish it is Christian . 

Do we see God is a loving father? Or do we see him as a tyranny person?  Did we see God is with us and Christ who understands us?  

After 3 1/2 weeks I had to ask myself that. Read this and put this in your own words people. 

Got that?  


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