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Monday report/Florida Daily Life: I work too hard where ppl vacation. I need more Report/thoughts on our day trip.

A view up from inside the spring to the surface with swimmers above   


It is Monday… and my large and small inner tubes are now deflated.  

We went here:

I need to go back there.  Here is the  receipt to prove that we were there.  

wekiva receipt


I still wish I was there floating around the large very very cold spring.  The water is about 68 degrees F.  The temperature was about 90 in the shade in Apopka, which is a town north of Orlando, right off Interstate 4, exit 96 on 434.  Google it.  

My thoughts?  I work too hard.  

Even though it was one day,  yeah,  I work too hard.  I didn’t even go snorkeling because I wanted to float around and do nothing.  During the weeks this summer, I help my hub get his legal practice back on track.  

We need to go back.   But we are going to be visiting other springs this summer. 

Stay tuned.  Got that?  The links for other springs are below. 

It is too hot for the average beach.   Here:  










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