#Irma. How did we do here? My report… 

I’m off today. It’s almost two days later and we got through this scare.  

It’s like a blizzard day up north. But we have no snow. It’s hot. 

It was a serious amount of wind. I didn’t go “overkill” and board the house up. I laughed at those who did. 

It came at midnight on Monday . The power went out and the underground transformers blew up for a fireworks show. 

Then I could only hold my hub’s hand and lean on him.  It was 2 or 3 am and with no AC it was hot. I peeked it open and could breathe finally.  The wind was bad but we could breathe. 

By that time, it was down to about 50mph.  Then we heard crack and saw this with flashlights.

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