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Four years later… Harry Stark, my FIL has been gone that long. Here are our thoughts about this.

It has been the house that ate our lives.   Harry my FIL  has been gone for four years since November 2013.

I don’t talk about this that often here. But hub and I have chosen to  at least think about moving on from all this.   We need to sell and move on and take ourselves and our marriage  away from here. 

Harry’s house as I like to call it has toxic’d itself in and almost out of our lives.  There are way too many repairs and well,  we have  a somebody next door that has made it difficult due to being compulsive OCD about trimming palm trees. This is only the light of it.  

We are still dealing with him being gone.  And we are overwhelmed with “it”.

It is after Irma and we fared well but  we are going to have to sell. 

Fine with me.  We hope to be out before Christmas,  a present to my marriage. We cannot afford to stay.

This is one hazard of living here.

Sorry Harry. We tried.  Loosing you and being discouraged do not mix.

They do not mix.




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