Where have I been? Two cams and we may be moving or not ?!  Tub out ! ? 

Where have I been? Anybody who reads this but say I have not been blogging in a while.  

I have reasons for this . I do. 

The house nightmare is almost over. We have a contract on the house. We are supposed to close in December.  It’s about  the taxes, really.  And it’s about all the repairs ! 

My husband has not been feeling well his diabetes got the best of him and another foot sore so he’s been getting therapy for that. That continues. It is very involved .  

Due to the fact that I cannot really seriously talk about what has 

happened in our master bathroom.  But here’s a picture anyhow.  We went to court about that. 

We went to court and we went to mediation about this but a picture is worth 1000 words. 

In the shooting of this picture, I named no names. Repeat I name no one. But I will is soon as the statute of when I cannot talk is over.  It w as a fight though . 

And yes we’ve had two attempts and having a garage sales. I never put this sign out because my helpers haven’t showed or get “busy”.  

That’s what . I’m getting impatient. Waiting sucks. 

Got that?  

We wash dishes in the laundry sink because there’s a leak in the kitchen.