If you’re wondering why we have a cement floor in our living room, we pulled the carpet up three years ago..

I’m speechless of how to explain this. My father-in-law’s house was headed down to my husband after he died, my father-in-law died.

When the dog saw yellow carpet he thought it was grass.. being it was a new home and a new environment Alfie the beagle when a little nuts.

How nuts? He forgot he was housebroken and decided to do his business on the living room carpet that my mother-in-law had installed she died in 06.

So since it was so so that I didn’t really want to have somebody come and clean it because the time he would get back to his ducky senses, we would have a large bill that I just said forget it.

The reason of this as to why we have new carpet, no wood floor and new tile yet, is that we just didn’t get around to it we been dealing other house issues.

Really, I give most women five minutes in this house and they will be climbing the walls calling the counselor. It’s my triumph and their super fail.

I have a proposal for some of you ladies who think you can beat me I keep your nerves and you’re with Anne about how to deal with this house.

Stay tune for a test with points of how you will or could or not be in my league how you deal with this house.