What is this on the side of my house that Duke energy left due to the fact that we were at half power at my house ?the other day? Igoing to tell you here’s what happenedgoing to tell you here’s what happened

It’s a contraption that I have no idea what it is all I know is made me laugh. Duke energy is the power company that serves our West Coast of Florida area. This time it wasn’t anything to do with what we did or didn’t pay our bill or whatever. It turns out that their wiring was faulty the Neath our house. We have no powerlines in our neighborhood and the wiring is all underground. That’s because we are at the high-end of and not low near the beach. But the guy came and fixed everything. We were very happy but now they’re still contraption next to our house.

They say they’re coming back but I wonder what the power bills going to be like?! We shall see.

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