And now the truth about our move ! We have a moving sale this AM .

I wasn’t going to do this.

OK, I’m doing this while I start my coffee and my breakfast. I do that every morning.

But technically, we’re supposed to be out of here in a week. Given the fact that I already have all my books or 3/4 of my books packed, I have a lot more packing to do.

Here is the truth: I’m so glad to be out of this father-in-law’s nightmare of a house! It’s been four years of absolute hell.

We moved in here in June 2014. The air conditioner died during the summer of 2015. That’s 3 1/2 years with no air conditioning.

Today is our moving sale. There’s not much to sell except a lot of furniture. I hope whoever you are got a truck.

If your name is Chris or Nicole you’re not getting a dime of this. You’re not going to get to sell this in your stupid consignment store you got the house and I hope you don’t default. You more than likely probably will so I’m prepared for you.

So on we go let’s see what happens today.

I’m prepared for anything. I’m almost prepared for anything. Stay tune for pictures.