I am Jeanne, married   to Scott Stark aka  @ScottLawyer on Twitter.  We live just south of Clearwater, Florida and north of St. Petersburg. We are now hoping to renovate a 1980s Florida house.  I love writing about the daily sweating of Florida life. I love all of it that you don’t: the heat, the alligators and the bugs, the humor and things you all wouldn’t see unless I point it out. We don’t take it for granted and try to see it new everyday. I have lived here since 1970 and grew up here, mostly. I am from NYC.  Life is different here. Some live here. We do.  Not everyone is on vacation.  We have secret places to go and things to laugh at here. Follow us. I’ll show you.




Writer, Educator, Florida News and Travel Blogger. Raised as a common sense Floridian, Catholic, loves humor. Questions all things. Considers most …

Central Florida

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