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Ahhh I’ll try not to talk but the Over the top opera at church .. but

It is only the second week of Advent and already my journalistic brain is peeking and steaming outside my eyeballs.

I have to admit it’s not easy being positive or trying to be positive when all kinds of crap starts happening!

My husband has been urging me to stay positive but the mudslinging still occurs in the Roman Catholic Church. What the hell am I talking about?

I can’t stay away from trying not to troll . My rollsections of various online Catholic Publications.

In person it’s no better. I am not naming names, I should but I am not naming names.

What the hell am I talking about?

Here’s the scenario: I go to communion on Sunday at my new Parish . I have a serious amount of actual belief and what the Roman Catholic Church teaches about the Eucharist . But there are some people —-who I do not even know her name before I say amen she grabs my wrist —-as I say amen as if to show me that no I don’t believe and she has to show me. she grabbed my arm in a manner that did not let me go until I did her own brand of reverence which I will not do. I must say it interrupted being reverent . 

Do not get funky with me I am already reverent and 56 years old and who the heck are you to make me a bum into your brand of what you’re trying to make me do?

Those of you who are not catholic , there are bunch of them who said they know better than you and even though I am catholic , they think they know better than me with a minor in theology.

I would like to know something where or why do these old ladies think that they are the only ones going to heaven?

Folks, I have a lot of this happening at the Franciscan University where I graduated about 10 years ago period the result? They make you doubt what you already believe and already know because you have to do it their way.

And if you don’t pray there correct way you’ll get your wrist pulled as you say Amen when you go to communion .

Oh I very very rarely do this because I have yet to snitch to the pastor what has occurred but since I don’t know who this person was consider it done.

Any comments? Give a run into somebody that thinks they know better and had a do something and you already been doing it for years and years and years and you already believe certain way but they’re the ones that are the perfectionist I think you’re scum and you don’t believe you’re not doing it right….

Stay tuned the side of the really interesting because Wednesday night I will watch this soap opera evolve.

I can hear the organ music now period. 

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Advent resolutions number one: no political rants and raves until after Christmas! It’s going to be tough folks but this is what I’m going to do who is my thoughts on how we going to do Advent this year.

1. Every single Sunday my local Bishop Parkes has an Advent thought on his podcast!!! Here’s this Sunday:

Folks, I’m trying to stay positive all this negative and polarisation is sucking the positive and negative air out of me.

2. Instead of posting anything else other than pictures, I’m going to post the readings for the day , period.

Here is today’s readings from the bible about Christmas….uh, Advent.

And hear some music if you have iTunes you can hear

That should be enough to keep you busy and thinking positive thoughts with me over the next four weeks.

Think of me my folks, because I have a fourth grade class near the beach because I’m covering for somebody’s maternity leave I can’t talk too much about it because it’s confidential and work and I kind of keep this separate, so think of me fondly…